Wine Label Design
Prework: Sketches. Roughs.

For this project we had to work with a group of 4 peers to create two different wine labels. The Labels theming, audience, and final decision were to be made by an assigned group of marketing students. Our marketing group's brand name was “Stick it to the Man”. We were given a briefing through zoom from the marketing team on the target audience and the concerns and needs of the marketing team.

Proposed Solution and Planning

Our group leader assigned us tasks. My goal was to propagate 10+ sketches based on the audiences wants and needs and based of the decided color scheming. After the second meeting we discussed and reviewed our current results and made changes. The next task was to combine designs and create a coherent Wine Label Design. I worked with the team lead to organize and combine our designs and create the final label design.


I created sticker designs that went with the “stick it to the man” brand theming. When I was sketching designs I kept in mind the target audiences want and needs. The target audience wanted to see women owned, BLM, and Women Owned my sketches reflected this with fists and feminine designs. This label was meant to be very pastel and feminine to draw in the target audience, which is reflected in my roughs and the colors used as well as the designs themselves.

Challenges Faced
What I Learned

A challenge I faced in the end stages of the project was leaving enough space for the label, the limited amount of space made this quite difficult. I also had some issues with communicating some of the members about the secondary design this made it difficult to see if we were on track at different stages. Lastly, few of my sticker designs didn’t quite fit with the other designs created for the label so I had to remove them from the final designs this reduced my contribution.

Communication is key to creating a cohesive team design and without this it can be difficult to manage the quality of a project. I learned that giving the correct feedback when needed is important if you're too afraid to give feedback how are your members of your team supposed to improve. Lastly, the design process works much smoother if you have a clear guide as to what the user (in this case the marketing team) wants/needs. Our team was extremely lucky to have been matched up with a team that knew exactly what they wanted and provided important feedback on ideas.